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Download Drake’s Scorpion Album ZIP

Guess what, Drake’s Scorpion Album is out. And we are loving it. And we thought you too would. Here’s a free download link. Afterall, sharing is caring, right?

Drake ‘SCORPION’ album tracklist

A Side

1. Survival
2. Nonstop
3. Elevate
4. Emotionless
5. God’s Plan
6. I’m Upset
7. 8 Out of 10
8. Mob Ties
9. Can’t Take A Joke
10. Sandra’s Rose
11. Talk Up
12. Is There More

B Side

1. Peak
2. Summer Games
3. Jaded 4.
Nice For What
5. Finesse
6. Ratchet Happy Birthday
7. That’s How You Feel
8. Blue Tint
9. In My Feelings
10. Don’t Matter To Me
11. After Dark
12. Final Fantasy
13. March 14


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